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Our mission

Revolte is a company whose mission is to fight against programmed obsolescence. What do we do? To militate for programmed obsolescence, and to make automobile sobriety desirable.

We believe that a car should be able to retain its use value for 100 years, just like a piece of jewellery, a flat or a photograph.

So, on the one hand, we have to accept the marks of time on our cars: less range, a few scratches. On the other hand, the essentials must be preserved: the battery, the electronics, the traction, the safety.

But most importantly, we have developed expertise in making sure that electric cars age well, because that is what our world needs now.

Target 2050

We have placed the 1.5° warming challenge at the top of our priorities. To achieve this together, we are relying on key values.

  • commitment: we are a brand dedicated to limiting global warming.
  • exemplary: our daily behaviour reflects this commitment.
  • audacity: we are afraid, but we go for it
  • resilience: knowing how to fall, knowing why, knowing how to get back up
  • transparency: nothing is taboo, neither prices, nor suppliers, nor information
The White Glacier, ©Jan Novak
The White Glacier, ©Jan Novak

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